Meaning of Keoki

What is the meaning of Keoki? Keoki means George. Well Keoki is the Hawaiian phonetic equivalent to George. Why do we translate Keoki to George? When outsiders started coming to Hawaii, the Hawaiian people had a difficult time saying English names. So for example George was very difficult to say. So the Missionaries translated the names using the Hawaiian sounds.

There is no G sound in Hawaiian so the G became K. eo was fine so that stayed the same. The next G became K and they added an I because it had to end in a vowel sound. Hence Keoki was formed. Keoki was not a name used by the Hawaiian people before outsiders came to the island. You will sometimes hear that Keoki means earth worker or farmer. But really that is not what Keoki means it is what George means. Remember Keoki is just a phonetic representation of George.

Is Keoki a popular name in Hawaii? Keoki has not made the top 100 boy names in the State of Hawaii according to the US Social Security website that started tracking since 1960.

Here is a list of some popular Hawaiian names besides Keoki For boys: Kai Kaimana Kainalu Kainoa Kalani Keanu Kekoa Keoni Makana Nainoa Akanu Kale Kimo 2 of the most famous Keoki’s are Super DJ Keoki, who incidentally, once had his manager contact me to buy my domain, which, is for sale for ONE MILLION DOLLARS (while reading please put your pinky to your mouth).

The 2nd most famous Keoki is the Keoki from Magnum PI. He was the bartender.

There is also Keoki’s lau lauwhich incidentally was owned by my grandparents friend. They sold it years ago. And while I’m making connections the owners of Keoki’s lau lau used to live next to Tom Sellick the star of Magnum PI that had a character named Keoki in his tv show. Hmm, coincidence?

Other fun Keoki’s are: Keoki’s donkey balls. Keoki Coffee which ironically I’ve never liked.

Keoki’s Paradise a restaurant on Kauai where I was born.

Keoki KahumokuTwo-time Grammy Award winning slack key guitarist And then there is me (and many more I’m sure but I’m a bit narcissistic),Keoki McCarthy. Writing all about Keoki in a quest to move to the first page of search results when you Google Keoki. So, if you have a google juiced website feel free to point here to give me some link power (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t have it, so don’t worry about it. Or google SEO to find out).